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City Manager Jim Twombly Discusses the New Municipal Work Environment

During Covid, re-structuring the work environment has become one factor, but how do we ensure our team is in a good place to carry on and succeed?

How to Celebrate Diversity While Supporting Local Artists and Businesses

Bridge GR is a collaborative event series that brought together the many diverse groups of Grand Rapids through the promotion of local artists and businesses. The City's Special Event Supervisor and Assistant City Manager put together this series in a matter of months in reaction to the cancellation of annual events due to COVID.

Former Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole Talks About Stepping Aside

Rick Cole shares his insight on stepping aside when processes get out of hand and how to gain the trust of your municipal organization.

Moving Beyond Resilience with Robert Bell of The Intelligent Community Forum

Municipal Broadband, engaging with community partners, and building a workforce are key factors in creating a more sustainable, local economy.

Ensuring More Diversity for the Next Generation of Emergency Responders in Virginia Beach.

Founders of Camp 911 Cassaundra Taylor, Anna Elias-Perez, and Vanessa Austin describe how bringing together emergency responders and a diverse group of teenagers for a week-long camp can enable a future of more diversity in these professions.

Rebuilding Your Municipality With a New Mission from Drucker Institute’s Lawrence Greenspun

Lawrence Greenspun, Director of Public Sector Engagement at the Drucker Institute, shares poignant stories that illustrate how to bring local government teams together to determine achievable goals. He discusses how to create a new and clear mission that will help forge a path towards a new and better normal. 

Maintaining Core City Services During a Crisis & Planning for 2021 with Fruita City Manager Mike Bennett

Fruita, Colorado City Manager Mike Bennett discusses working with staff and making sure the essential City services do not cease during the crisis. He answers how to start planning for 2021 and keep the momentum of new projects from pre-Covid times.

Tips for Strong Leadership During a Crisis with Futurist and Economist Rebecca Ryan

Futurist and Economist, Rebecca Ryan, shares tips on leading during a time of crisis and looking for new ways to operate within a local government.

Crisis Communications with Community & Media Relations Officer, Thomas Reeves

Thomas Reeves, the Community & Media Relations Officer for the City of Modesto, CA, discusses creating a communications plan on the fly and addressing an evolving crisis. He approaches how to work with City management and elected officials to ensure their expectations are met as well as the residents.

Affordable Housing with Durham City Manager Tom Bonfield

Lack of affordable housing is a common issue among municipalities, and the question is, what can we do about it. We spoke with Durham's City Manager Tom Bonfield on some innovative approaches to addressing the issue and working with the community on garnering support.

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